Different materials transported separately.Accompanied by staff.


Customer requirements:

A Zinc deposit is located in an area which is extremely difficult to access. A new access road will be built. Due to the mountainous terrain, however, the road will be approximately 6 - 7 times longer than the current foot path. Three different types of material must be transported out of the mine but must not get mixed up in the process. However, at 40t/h the conveying capacity is rather low. Also, every day some 400 staff must be brought to the mine and back.

Our solution:

The rugged terrain is no problem for a ropeway. The low conveying capacity and the requirement that the materials must not get mixed up during transport also suggest using a ropeway, where the material will be transported in closed containers. The unloading station will be designed in such a way that each material is unloaded into a different silo. However, the definitive plus of a ropeway solution is that passenger cabins can be attached to the rope along with the containers for the different materials. By using a ropeway system the customer will therefore not only be able to address its specific material transport requirements but is also given new perspectives with regard to transporting staff to the mine.

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Transported material:Zinc, lead and persons
Horizontal length:7,000 m
Vertical rise:1,480 m
Conveying capacity material:40 t/h
Transport of passengers:400 Pers./d
Motor rating, continuous:890 kW