Pallet transport between two warehouses.As if on rails.


Customer requirements:

How does one link two warehouses across roads and railway tracks? A new and preferably space-saving solution is required to manage the transport of approx. 300 pallets per hour from one building to the other. The goods must be protected from the effects of the weather during transport.

Our solution:

RailCon® can cover the distance between the two warehouses with a conveyor belt on rails and with just a few light-weight line support structures. The pallets travel along the difficult route and across numerous obstacles in a constant flow without a problem. RailCon® thus offers an attractive and cost efficient solution which does not interfere with existing infrastructure, such as for example roads. The system can be completely housed-in over the entire conveying length so that the transported goods will be protected from the elements.

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Transported material:Pallets
Horizontal length:240 m
Vertical rise:0 m
Conveying capacity:300 pallets/h
Motor rating, continuous:10 kW