Bulk material transport in the port area.Saving space by going underground.


Customer requirements:

Soybeans must be transported back and forth between a storage facility and the silo plants in a built-up port area. Space is limited in the port, and the customer requires a transport solution which will save space and at the same time efficiently transport 1,600 t/h from A to B.

Our solution:

We recommend to use RailCon® for this application: The flat belt of the conveyor is furnished with corrugated side walls. It runs on rails and continually transports the material from the loading to the unloading point. The installation is sunk into the ground to cope with the very limited space in the port area and to avoid to the greatest possible extent any interference with the port surroundings. It can therefore be crossed any time without a problem. All moving parts keep returning to the stations where they can be easily maintained.

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Transported material:Soybeans
Horizontal length:1,100 m
Vertical rise:0 m
Conveying capacity:1,600 t/h
Motor rating, continuous:134 kW