Transport of tunnel excavation material across a river.Different types of material, operation in both directions.


Customer requirements:

During a tunnelling project, the excavation material must be transported over a distance of 350 metres to the other side of a river. The customer is looking for a transport system that will transport two different types of materials and discharge them into separate bunkers. Every hour, approximately 1000 tons of material with a grain size of up to 300mm are produced.

As an additional requirement, the customer requests that the installation operate in both directions in order to be able to take any residual material back across the river to the stockpile located there.


Our solution:

RopeCon® effortlessly spans the river with just one tower on either side and no additional structures in the water. The installation operates in both directions and therefore serves also to return the residual material to the stockpile.

All maintenance work can be carried out in the stations as the system has no moving parts along the track. The running wheels are fixed to the belt and keep passing through the stations where they can be maintained without a problem.


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System RopeCon®
Transported material Tunnel excavation material
Horizontal length 350 m
Vertical rise 50 m
Conveying capacity per direction 1,000 t/h
Motor rating continuous (uphill/downhill) 130 / -85 kW