Transport of unit loads in a port.Cement bags are taken across a jetty and to the deck crane.


Customer requirements:

A company is looking for an automated process to load large cement bags onto ships. The distance between the jetty and the deck crane is approx. 850m. 2,800 units with 2,000kg each as well as 1,700 units with 1,050kg each must be transported within 20 hours.

The material is transported in big bags. Many transport systems are unable to reach the very high capacity demanded by the customer.


Our solution:

RailCon® transports the cement bags to the deck crane in a fully automatic process and allows for large conveying capacities. For buffering and distribution to the three different cranes, roller conveyor have been mounted between the three RailCon® systems. Three ships can thus be loaded simultaneously.


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System RailCon®
Transported material Cement bags
Horizontal length 770 m
Vertical rise 0 m
Number of sections 3
Conveying capacity per direction 200 t/h
Motor rating continuous 5 kW