From one plant to the next.Transporting unit loads across factory premises.


Customer requirements:

In a large industrial company, unit loads with non-standard dimensions must be moved between two factory halls. The dimensions of the individual units are 5,000mm x 2,000mm x 1,500mm, and each unit with its support structure weighs close to a ton. The required capacity is 30 units per hour. The route leads across a built-up area. The new system should interfere as little as possible with the existing infrastructure.

Our solution:

A ropeway system can meet these requirements to the full. In the proposed solution the conveying system of the first factory hall will hand over the unit loads to the ropeway. The conveying system of the second factory hall will take over the units from the ropeway. The entire process is automated and integrated in the higher-level controls of the factory's own conveying technology. The route links the two factory halls in a direct line and crosses the existing infrastructure and buildings, some of which are 30m high.

The unit loads as such are transported in closed cabins to protect them from the effects of the weather. Two cabins together form one complete carrier. Every hour, the two-track reversible aerial tramway can make 16 trips and therefore transport a total of 32 units. It would also be possible to transport persons on the same installation, thus swiftly taking employees from one workshop to the other along with the material.

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Transported material:Unit loads
Horizontal length:770 m
Vertical rise:10 m
Payload per carrier:2 x 800 kg
Conveying capacity:32 pcs/h
Motor rating, continuous:300 kW