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With each project, we strive to offer our customers the optimum solution for their transportation needs. You may find some examples below.

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Booysendal South RopeCon®

Platinum ore

An efficient link to new mining areas

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Ropeway Cerattepe

Copper ore

A means to transport people and material.

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Progrefa RopeCon®


Transport across treetops.

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Buriticá Ropeway

Reusable residues

Transport in steep terrain.

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Torex RopeCon®

Gold ore

Direct link between pit and valley.

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Strengen RopeCon®


Removal of tunnel excavation material

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Lenzing RopeCon®

Wood chips

Highest availability to ensure smooth production.

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Tüfentobel RopeCon®

Inert material

Quiet transport over unstable ground.

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Zöchling RopeCon®


An efficient alternative to truck transport.

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Mt. Olyphant RopeCon® 


Hurricane-proof and sustainable

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Simberi RopeCon®

Gold ore

From the mine straight to the processing plant across difficult terrain. 

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Berber Cement RopeCon®


This RopeCon® spans the Nile.

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Ropeway for Pallet Transport  Parkstein


Ideal connection between two factory buildings

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