Progrefa RopeCon®Limestone transport across treetops


Customer requirements:

The Guatemalan company Cementos Progreso S. A. was looking for a solution to transport the limestone required for the cement production process to the processing plant. A transport system between the crusher and the plant has to cover a distance of approx. 1.6km across hilly and wooded terrain and a vertical rise of almost 200m.

Our solution:

By using RopeCon® to transport the limestone between the crusher and the processing plant Cementos Progreso, S. A. is able to cross that terrain in a straight line despite the difficult topographical situation. This means that a gradient of 22° is reached where the terrain is steepest.

The system requires no more than four towers over its entire length. Thanks to the long rope spans between the towers the amount of space required on the ground can be reduced to a minimum. The need to interfere with vegetation remains limited to a small number of points and the track does not represent an insurmountable obstacle for wildlife or humans.

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System RopeCon®
Transported aterial limestone
Horizontal length 1,583 m
Vertical rise 196 m
Conveying capacity 2,100 t/h
Motor rating, continous 1,680 kW