Berber Cement RopeCon®Limestone crosses the Nile.


Customer requirements:

Berber Cement has built a new cement plant in Sudan. However, on its way to the processing plant, the limestone meets with a major obstacle: the Nile, the world's longest river is approximately 850 m wide in this area. Using the nearest road bridge to transport the material to the plant on trucks would mean a great detour.A conventional conveyor belt would require a bridge to cross the Nile.


Our solution:

RopeCon® spans the Nile without any complicated bridge structures, thus creating an efficient and direct link on the last section of the transport route. No tower structures are required that would hinder ship traffic, and valuable farmland on the river banks will not have to be divided. With RopeCon®, our customer is able to cross the waters of the Nile with a reliable, efficient and flood-proof system that requires only a minimum of energy and optimises material flow to the cement plant. 

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Transported materialLimestone
Horizontal length3,465 m
Vertical rise14 m
Conveying capacity700 t/h
Motor rating, continuous180 kW