Lenzing RopeCon®Highest availability to ensure smooth production.


Customer requirements:

Lenzing AG, a leading company in the production of fibres made from the raw material wood, was looking for a way to transport beech wood chips from the storage area to the digester house. The distance to be covered was basically across all existing infrastructure on the premises. Furthermore, highest system availability had to be guaranteed to ensure a smooth production process.

Another challenge, along with the aggressive sulphurous atmosphere, was the low weight of the transported material, as continuous operation had to be guaranteed also in strong winds.


Our solution:

With just two tower structures, the Lenzing RopeCon® establishes a straight conveying line – perfectly integrated in the factory premises. With its high availability of 99.9 % and with extremely low maintenance requirements, RopeCon® is just the reliable means of transport our customer needs for a trouble-free operation of his plant. The special belt housing structure permits the transport of the lightweight material even in wind speeds of up to 130 km/h. 


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System RopeCon®
Transported material Wood chips
Horizontal length 665 m
Vertical rise 32 m
Conveying capacity 350 t/h
Motor rating, continuous 53 kW