Simberi RopeCon® From the mine straight to the processing plant across difficult terrain.


Customer requirements:

Simberi Gold Company Ltd is mining gold ore on the small remote island of Simberi, Papua New Guinea. However, getting the mined material from the mine into the valley confronted the mining company with a major problem: the tropical climate with heavy rainfalls often makes access roads impassable. Maintenance would be difficult and costly. No previous infrastructure existed, and in the rugged, impenetrable area, a conventional conveyor belt would have required numerous individual sections.

Our solution:

RopeCon® is able cover the distance of 2.7 km in one single section. Our system utilizes the given terrain structure and requires no more than three towers. It crosses spans of up to 850 m without touching ground. The Simberi RopeCon® transports the material safely and reliably across the unspoilt landscape and ensures a constant material flow to the processing plant.

No expensive maintenance platforms or roads are required along the line: since all moving parts of the system keep passing through the stations, the equipment can be easily maintained there. In addition, an inspection carrier which travels on the two top ropes has been provided for inspections along the line.

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System RopeCon®
Transported material gold ore
Horizontal length 2,665 m
Vertical rise -237 m
Conveying capacity 600 t/h
Motor rating, continuous -221 kW