Tüfentobel RopeCon® Quiet transport over unstable ground


Customer requirements:

For an environmentally sound disposal of approximately 5.3 million cubic meters of inert material from surrounding construction sites, the city of St. Gallen, Switzerland plans to back-fill a long-stretched valley and renaturate the area afterwards.

The dump borders directly on a residential area. Apart from the costly construction of access roads on unstable ground, transporting the material on trucks would have exposed residents to an enormous amount of noise and dust.

Our solution:

The Tüfentobel RopeCon® can be used as a means of transport for the entire duration of the project. It is possible to relocate the discharge point - the installation 'grows' with the dump.

Additionally, in March 2016 a concept was implemented which makes RopeCon® even more flexible: instead of discharging onto a debris cone as before, the system now passes the material over to a shorter second RopeCon® directly within the rope span. One key aspect of this upgrade was that it allowed for the system to be kept operating to the greatest possible extent while the extension was installed on the existing track rope structure. Also, the second RopeCon® can be run in both directions, thus permitting two different discharge points.

As the RopeCon® itself is also positioned on back-filled ground, we have developed a special tower structure which compensates possible ground settlements. The material to be transported represents another challenge: The Tüfentobel RopeCon® is used to transport materials of all kinds, some of them highly adhesive.

Not least because the system met with great acceptance among the neighbouring residents, the city of St. Gallen opted for RopeCon®, thereby also minimising operating costs. RopeCon® also facilitates the waste removal process for customers of the dump: their trucks deposit the materials at one central point, and no car wash facility is required.


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System RopeCon®
Transported material Inert Material
Horizontal length 1,250 m
Vertical rise 45 m
Conveying capacity 500 t/h
Motor rating, continuous 112 kW