Zöchling RopeCon® An efficient alternative to truck transport.


Customer requirements:

At their quarry in Ramsau, Austria, Hans Zöchling GmbH needs to transport material over steep terrain from the crusher to the surge bin. The material was originally transported on trucks, a particularly difficult endeavour during winter or even in bad weather. The quarry operators therefore tried to find an alternative means of transport.

Our solution:

In a single rope span and without an intermediate tower structure, the Zöchling RopeCon® traverses the steep slope and discharges the material directly into the surge bin. With RopeCon®, the quarry operators were able to double their capacity while reducing operating costs at the same time. Due to the steep declivity, the system also generates power from braking energy, which power is fed back into the grid and used, for example, to run the quarry's own crusher. With RopeCon® it was also possible to greatly reduce emissions of CO2, dust and noise.

Hans Zöchling GmbH won an award for its active contribution to preserving the environment by changing from truck transport to RopeCon®.

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Transported material:Pebbles
Horizontal length245 m
Vertical rise-78 m
Conveying capacity350 t/h
Motor rating, continuous-75 kW