Ropeway BuriticáTransport in steep terrain


Customer requirements:

Zijin-Continental Gold Sucursal Colombia is developing the Buriticá gold mine in the northwest of Columbia, approximately 72km from the city of Medellin. The area where the mine is located is mountainous and therefore logistically challenging. The reusable residues of the gold extraction process are used in an underground backfill, which is why they must be taken from the bottom of the valley to the mouth of the mine at 1,700m above sea level, thereby covering a difference in altitude of approximately 646m. .

Our solution:

What would be an arduous and long way for trucks with plenty of exhaust emissions becomes a swift and efficient job if a material ropeway is used.
The system was conceived as a continuous bi-cable ropeway. It has a fixed tensioned track rope for the material buckets with their carriage to travel on. The buckets are driven by the continuously moving haul rope loop to which they are attached via detachable grips. To allow for the haul rope to be run at a constant speed, the buckets are detached from the loop in the stations and braked before the loading or unloading process. Afterwards, it is accelerated to running speed again and re-attached to the haul rope before leaving the station.

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System Ropeway
Transported material Reusable residues
Horizontal length 1,400m
Difference in elevation 646m
Conveying capacity 175t/h
Payload 1.5to