Ropeway CerattepeA means to transport people and material.


Customer requirements:

The mouth of the Cerattepe copper mine is at approx. 1,700m above sea level. From there, the mined copper ore needs to be transported down to the river lying 1,500m below. Furthermore, backfill material has to be transported uphill and the staff require a means of transport to get to their workplace.

Our solution:

The company Eti Bakır A.Ş. decided to use a ropeway for this transport task. The system designed and manufactured by Doppelmayr connects the copper mine with the unloading terminal in the valley, crossing 4.5km of very steep terrain. 51 buckets, which can be closed with a lid, safely transport the material to its destination. In the unloading station, the lids are opened automatically via a special mechanism and the buckets are turned upside down so that the material will fall onto a chute. Then the buckets are tilted back to their normal position.

Furthermore, the Cerattepe ropeway allows for the combined transport of material and people. Apart from the material buckets in which the ore is transported, the system will also be equipped with some passenger cabins. In these cabins, the mineworkers can travel to their workplace comfortably and in safety.

To cover the entire distance and the enormous difference in elevation of 1,500m, the ropeway requires only 11 towers. The footprint on the ground can thus be minimized, and because the system is elevated off the ground, it does not represent an insurmountable obstacle for man or wildlife.


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Transported materialCopper ore
Horizontal length4,471 m
Vertical fall-1,515 m
Capacity60 t/h
Motor rating, continuous414 kW