Ropeway for Pallet Transport in ParksteinConnecting two factory buildings


Customer requirements:

A growing demand for WITRON's products and consequently for the components manufactured by WITRON's subsidiary FAS led to the expansion of its premises at Parkstein Germany. Just like factory No. III, the new building also contains a fully automated pallets and small parts storage area for production purposes. Not all items are always on stock at both storage areas. Therefore, an automated link between the two storage areas became necessary. For this purpose, a distance of 135.96m, a difference in elevation of just below 15m, as well as access roads and a roof-covered pedestrian gallery which separate the two buildings had to be crossed.


Our solution:

A single-track reversible system with one closed cabin with a payload of 1,000 kilograms travels back and forth between the two stations and transports the pallets from one building to the other. Up to 20 trips per hour per direction are possible. Station entry of the cabin, the loading and unloading procedure, and the conveying equipment in the workshops which delivers and collects the pallets to respectively from the ropeway, have all been fine-tuned to mesh perfectly, thus reducing the time required for loading and unloading to an absolute minimum. The ropeway controls have been integrated in the controls of the conveying equipment. No additional interface is required to track the internal orders (inbound or outbound). There is no need to clear the pallets from one factory store and post them to the other. The result is a straight-forward procedure.

Innovative transport systems from the Doppelmayr Group continually set new standards: Top comfort and safety define our installations – in summer and winter tourism regions as well as in the urban transit sector. Also our material transport systems offer impressive efficiency and performance. For more than 30 years, LTW Intralogistics adds expertise in the field of efficient warehouse operations to the group’s portfolio.


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Transported materialPallets
Horizontal length135.96 m
Vertical rise14.46 m
Trips per h per direction20
Cabin payload1,000 kg